(16) Tabata Ginza shopping district 「田端銀座商店街」

Tabata Ginza shopping district 「田端銀座商店街」 in Kita-ku has some wonderful examples of kanban kenchiku. Like many shotengai, this shopping street has formed a promotion association: 田端銀座商店街振興組合 (Tabata Ginza Shopping District Promotion Association). Its website is one of the better I’ve seen:

By chance I happened to take a few pictures of this area on a rainy April afternoon in 2014; this was years before I had heard of the term kanban kenchiku. The best spot is an intersection occupied by the rather larger 栄屋食品店 (Sakae food store; map); I’ve noticed that many of the larger examples of kanban kenchiku in Tokyo are fruit stores or markets.

For a better understanding of the pleasures of Tabata Ginza, I recommend the recent Japan Times article, Vintage ventures in Tabata Ginza.

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