(22) “Inaka kanban” in Mobara city 伊勢屋食料品

Up in Chiba, in Mobara city 茂原市, there is an example of what I’ve just started calling “Inaka kanban” (map):

As Japanophiles know, inaka 田舎 is Japanese for ‘countryside’, and refers to places in Japan that are less populated, less developed, and generally car-oriented as opposed to walkable/mass-transit oriented. (See blog: What exactly is “inaka”?)

Kanban kenchiku in Tokyo and other cities is often charaterized by a two-story, solid facade that hides the character of the structure behind the facade. In opposition, Inaka kanban can be characterized by facades that are easily recognized as a mere facade; in the example above, the green storefront facade makes no pretense of obscuring the Japanese house to its rear.



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