(23) Saw-toothed facade: Bunkyo-ku vented kanban kenchiku

This unusual example of signboard architecture in Bunkyo-ku (map) features a saw-toothed facade that may act as a vent or provide lighting. The store’s old sign advertises 和洋菓子, which are Western-style sweets, such as sponge-cake, and can be translated as ‘confectionery‘.

The facade is quite unusual; I’ve never seen this specific design elsewhere in Tokyo’s many kanban kenchiku buildings.

Here’s the building at dusk. It and its neighbors are among the few remaining small structures along this wide road: 春日通り / 都道453号線.

Next door is 江戸あられ竹仙, a Japanese confectionery shop.

See also a neighboring glasses store:

See also:



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