(19) Asakusa, Street of Shame (1956) 赤線地帯

Nice examples of kanban kenchiku in some of these photos:

the tokyo files 東京ファイル

Asakusa aerial view 1956 RIVER

I started watching Street of Shame 赤線地帯 (1956) and couldn’t get past the opening credits without sharing these fascinating panoramas of Asakusa 浅草. As the film opens, we are perched high above the city, facing south, with the Sumidagawa 隅田川 on the left. (My guess is that the camera was placed on top of Tobu Asakusa Station 浅草駅).

We pan right, looking southwest, the interminable Tokyo cityscape punctuated by Mt. Fuji (barely poking its head through the haze) and an unusual tower next to a temple (the tower no longer exists, to my knowledge). Below us, as we look west, we see the uniform roofs of Nakamise-dōri 仲見世通, the iconic shopping street that runs from left to right towards Sensō-ji 浅草寺 temple, which we see to the northwest.

Asakusa aerial view 1956 panorama As I’ve described in a previous post, much of Tokyo was destroyed during WWII, including Sensō-ji and most of Asakusa. The temple we see in Street of Shame is only…

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