(9) Minami-senju and Naka-dori shotengai 南千住仲通り商店街

The Minami-senju area is seen as a bit run-down, which makes it a great place to find old kanban kenchiku buildings. Just outside Minami-senju station 南千住駅 is a wide road with good specimens:

And these:

The easiest way to explore Minami-senju’s kanban kenchiku is to take a stroll down Naka-dori 仲通り, an old, modest shotengai 商店街 leading towards Minami-senju station. (You can follow the shopping street on Twitter @minami_senjyu). Here’s a map of the street:


My obsessive documentation of billboard architecture was validated when I noticed that the kanban kenchiku marking the entrance of Naka-dori have recently been demolished (map). See a comparison of 2013 (source) to 2015:


Fortunately, many old buildings remain. Here are a few of them:

A nicely-restored example:

A woman peers out from her balcony:

Classic examples, and an amusing tobidashi とびだし sign:

Some older examples:

See also:

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