“I am waiting” for scenes from Yokohama’s waterfront

I didn’t notice when I first posted this, but the bar/restaurant in this film can be considered a ramshackle version of “billboard architecture”.


the tokyo files archives 東京ファイル

I Am Waiting 俺は待ってるぜ “Ore wa matteru ze” (1957) is the first film by director Koreyoshi Kurahara 蔵原惟繕. It is also an early work for stars Yujiro Ishihara 石原 裕次郎 and Mie Kitahara 北原三枝, who had paired memorably in Crazed Fruit 狂った果実 in 1956. In that “Sun Tribe 太陽族” (taiyozoku) classic, Ishihara is convincing as a young man hardly able to control his raging hormones. Kitahara is convincing as a young woman (semi) innocently unaware of the havoc she causes on the men around her. Here they are in Crazed Fruit:

Just a year later, Ishihara and Kitahara are remarkably more mature in I am waiting. This reflects the script, but may also be explained by the growing relationship between the two charismatic actors. The pair were married in 1960 until Ishihara’s death in 1987. Here they are in I am waiting:

Much of I am waiting takes place in a shack on the Yokohama…

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