(7) Tsukishima 月島

See: Tsukishima and Tsukudajima Alley Walking Map

This building has ornate designs at top; location 7A (map):

Location 7B (map):


A brick facade 7C (map):


Some classic examples (7D) (map):

The central shopping street in Tsukishima has covered sidewalks; many or most of the buildings on this street are kanban kenchiku, though this is obscured by the awnings. (7E)

A wonderful side-view, clearly showing the building’s facade (7F) (map):


Note: Tsukishima is also home to the oldest koban in Tokyo (map).


the tokyo files: maps マッピング東京

Some of the items of interest on the map are ‘Monja street’ (centered around here: map), famous for many restaurants that sell monjayaki. There are some very nice examples of ‘billboard architecture‘ on this street, but they are partially hidden by rain awnings:

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