(8) Noge Joyful, Nogecho, Yokohama

See: Noge Joyful (and gay town) map, Yokohama 野毛ジョイフルマップ

Wonderful ornamental kanban kenchiku in the entertainment district of Nogecho, Yokohama (near Sakuragicho Station) (map).

And a very well-maintained structure, which appears to have been renovated recently (map):

the tokyo files: maps マッピング東京

Just south of Sakuragicho station 桜木町駅 (map) in Yokohama is an entertainment region symbolized by a creepy clown. Here’s the  Noge Joyful map 野毛ジョイフルマップ:

Much of this district is Noge-cho 野毛町 (hence the name ‘Noge Joyful’).

Nogecho Yokohama Sakuragicho map

The Noge area is connected to Sakuragicho station by Noge-Chikamichi 野毛ちかみち (Noge shortcut).

On the other side of the shortcut is Pio City ぴおシティ, a building with an underground mall of incredible old-ness, a veritable museum of nostalgia:

You need to read the Japanese Wikipedia page for Noge-cho. It’s an interesting area, including:

  • Post-war role as a black market area 闇市
  • “Jazz de Bon Odori” festival 野毛 ジャズ de 盆踊り (website 1)(website 2)
  • Gay Town Noge ゲイ・タウン, home to 30 gay bars  the only gay cinema in the greater Tokyo area, Kouonza 横浜光音座 (source)(website)(map).
  • Noge Daidogei 野毛大道芸 street performance festival (Japanese)(English); held annually; last held April 23-24, 2016…

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